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Bridgette Campbell

As a former ballet dancer with the New York City Ballet, Bridgette graduated from UCLA's exercise physiology/fitness instructor program to become an ACSM certified personal trainer.

Her favorite thing about food and cooking is connecting to her family, past and present.

Bridgette lives in Los Angeles, where she enjoys cooking for her friends, family, and big old dog, Lola. In her free time, she enjoys writing short stories and poetry.

Brooke Weaver

Happy eating the same thing every day (as long as it's fast and healthy), Brooke works as a software engineer and approaches food with the intent to optimize.

Thanks to Michael Pollan (Omnivore's Dilemma, In Defense of Food), Brooke discovered that everything taught about food since the 60s uses spurious evidence, and her own body best judges what she should eat.

Since then, Brooke's 4-pieces-a-day-habit of Lindy & Grundy bacon seems to be working for her and reinforces her determination to share her new joy in food.

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